Saturday, April 6, 2013

God's been nodding off

So this outfit I'm about to show you guys isn't something I would usually wear. It's a bit out of my comfort zone. However, I think it's perfect with my lovely new shoes from Jessica Buurman.

Aren't they just so gorgeous?! They are incredibly easy to walk in, to my surprise. Easier than creepers. Only thing is, you gotta break them in for a bit because they'rs a little stiff. Click here to check em out on the site.

Both my shirt and pants are from Forever 21. The pants are actually capris. I haven't worn capris since elementary school...whoa. These have little cheetahs all over it. Both of these were about $17.

I'm not great at ending blog posts so.... bye :)


  1. Hey Gege, stunning outfit! I'm one of your biggest fans on Lookbook (fangirl moment eep) and I'm so glad you're updating the blog :))
    Just a question, what inspires your style? x
    Also, I've followed you on Bloglovin', here's my link if you'd like!

    Much love, Rach xx

    1. Aw thanks so much! I followed your blog, it seems pretty awesome and I can't wait for new posts

      as for what inspires my style, I honestly don't know. A lot of people on lookbook, for sure. and people on tumblr. Basically the internet, ha!

  2. interesting patterns :)) love it

  3. Hey! Was blog hopping and I came to yours. Great outfit you got there!

    Not sure if you still remember me I'm the co owner of Untitled Label. Anyway I just started using 'Follower' for blogger so do follow my blog at blog