Monday, October 22, 2012

New leggings

It was a four day weekend for me so I actually went out and did stuff. Like the state fair. I only stayed for like 2 hours and everything was super overpriced like usual.

My bf 'won' this knockoff Hello Kitty for me after paying like $40 to play the game to win... lol. It's filled some Styrofoam like material so it's just awkward and weird feeling. We called it High Cat because it's soooo not hello kitty ha ha ha.
We then went shopping and stuff and I got these awesome leggings/pants/WHATEVER THEY ARE. I have no idea what to call them but they're uber comfortable and just awesome ok. It's by some brand called Joyous & Free. I just googled them to see if I could post a link to the leggings but they seem like a pretty small company so I couldn't find much :/ 

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